What is the Deaf Watch Scheme? 

The Deaf Watch scheme is a fire alarm warning system for deaf and hearing impaired people that works via a portable handheld unit that vibrates an alert in the event of a fire alarm.

Who is it for?
The Deaf Watch scheme is open to all students, staff and visitors to Imperial College who may have difficulty hearing a fire alarm. You do not need to show evidence of your hearing impairment. The scheme is managed by the Fire Officer.

How does it work?
The Deaf Watch System comprises two handheld pager units: a day-time unit and a night-time unit. The day-time unit is a little larger and can be worn on or around the body. If you are in or nearby a building on campus covered by the Deaf Watch scheme and the fire alarm goes off, then you will be notified by the vibration of your pager, and a message telling you the location of the fire alarm.

The night-time pager unit is for use by those living in halls of residence and is specifically programmed for the building you live in. This ensures that you won't be woken up by a fire alarm in a nearby hall. This unit can be attached to the body whilst you sleep.

How can I access it?
The scheme is managed by the Fire Officer. If you are a student or a member of staff at Imperial then you can contact the Fire Officer directly to arrange to collect your Deaf Watch unit or units. If you are a visitor to the College then please contact the person in charge of your visit, who will arrange a temporary loan of a Deaf Watch unit for the duration of your visit to the College.

Further information, and how to contact the Fire Officer
Advice and guidance on the Deaf Watch scheme can be found via the Disability Advisory Service or direct from the Fire Officer.

Contact the Fire Officer
Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans - If you think you may have any difficulties in hearing the alarm or evacuating a building unaided in the event of an emergency due to a mobility or sensory impairment, a temporary injury (e.g. you may be on crutches) or have difficulty coping in crowds, you will require a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP).