Improve your study efficiency

Imperial offers a suite of technology programmes which are designed to support students in their studies. From mind mapping technology to dictation Appsthere are lots of different applications that can help you in your studies and support you to work better, faster and smarter. 


Tools to improve study efficiency

Tools to improve study efficiency

Find out about Inclusive technology training

Imperial has teamed up with Diversity and Ability (D&A) to offer all students one-to-one online technology training.

Visit the D&A Inclusive technology training web page for more information. 

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 How can it help me? 

These programmes are available to all students and designed to support you in your learning. If you find you are struggling with, or spending a lot of time on certain activities, you may find some of these Apps useful in aiding your study. Imperial has a range of programmes which provide support across the following areas: 

We have a dedicated YouTube playlist with videos on how to best utilise the software available as well as dedicated training sessions on installing and getting the most out of the Apps you chose to use. If you require any technical support you can get in touch directly with the ICT Service Desk who can help you download and install the software. 

How can I access this technology? 

Most of these study tools are available on PCs across the College and you can download them on your personal device from the Software Hub (licence permitting). You can find out more about the individual Apps available by selecting a topic from the ‘How can it help me?’ section above. 

If you choose to download a piece of software on your personal device, you will need to log in to the Software Hub. When you log in to the Software Hub, select ‘Categories’ from the menu bar, from here select ‘Inclusive Technology’ which will take you to a list of all available Apps.  

Device compatibility


Study tool

Available on College Windows device

Available on personal Windows device

Available on personal Mac

Available on iOS

Outlook Yes Yes Yes Yes
OneNote Yes Yes Yes Yes
Strict Workflow Yes Yes Yes No
MindView Yes Yes No No
CamScanner No (mobile app) No No Yes
Grammarly Yes  Yes Yes (no MS Word add on)  Yes
Spellex Yes  No No No
Global Autocorrect Yes Yes No No Yes (mic required) Yes Yes No
MyScript Maths Sample Yes Yes Yes No
Photo Maths iOS No (mobile app)  No  No Yes
EquatIO Yes (Chrome add on)  Yes Yes (Chrome add on) No
ClaroRead Yes No No No
AT Bar Yes (Chrome add on) Yes Yes (Chrome add on) No
Note taking Audio Notetaker Yes No No Yes (Sonnocent link)
Zotero Yes Yes Yes No
Quizlet Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mind Shift No (mobile app) No No Yes