The transition from school to university can be a challenging one and often parents and carers are left wondering what they can do to help ease this transition.

The two most important changes from school are:

  • The responsibility lies with the student to be proactive about their support needs.
  • Student arrangements do not happen automatically.

What can I do to help my young person with the transition?

We encourage students to approach the Disability Advisory Service as early as possible. If your young person has very specific support needs, please encourage them to get in contact with the Disability Advisory Service as soon as possible before their course starts, ideally early and no later than the spring term before admission. This is especially important if there is a need for adapted accomodation. We are happy to meet with prospective students and their parents or carers, at any time during the application process.

Who can I speak to for information?

The Disability Advisory Service can respond to enquiries from prospective students and parents at any time during the admissions process. Although we are able to respond to general enquiries about available support, once a student is enrolled at Imperial College, the Disability Advisory Service is not at liberty to disclose any information about that student, their disability or their progress to anyone outside the College. This includes parents and carers.

The Disability Advisory Service will not enter into any correspondence with parents or carers on any matters pertaining to a student, for the duration of their studies, without explicit, written permission from the student. In the event of a student giving consent for the Disability Advisory Service to discuss their needs with parents or carers, this consent will be limited to a single issue pertinent at this time. Any subsequent issues will require additional explicit permission to be given. Please see our Confidentiality and disclosure pages for more information.

What can I do if I have serious concerns about my child's wellbeing?

If you have specific, serious concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact one of our Faculty Senior Tutors