If you think you may have dyslexia or another specific learning difficulty, the first step is to undertake an initial screening appointment with a Disability Advisor. These initial screenings usually last between thirty minutes and an hour. The advisor will ask a series of questions to see if you show any indicators of a specific learning difficulty.

You can book a screening appointment with the Disability Advisory Service by emailing disabilities@imperial.ac.uk

 Dyslexia is one of a group of conditions under the umbrella of 'specific learning difficulties'. These include dyslexia, dyspraxia (also known as developmental co-ordination disorder), dyscalculia and AD(H)D as an SpLD.

If sufficient indicators of a specific learning difficulty are identified:

  • Your Advisor will suggest that you go on to have a second screening or a full diagnostic assessment with one of our specialist assessors or with an external educational psychologist.
  • If you agree, your Advisor will ask you to complete a funding request form.
  • The Disability Advisory Service will arrange the appointment for you, which will be held on the South Kensington campus.


The Disability Advisory Service can also arrange diagnostic assessments for specific learning difficulties for students who have been previously assessed but do not have an appropriate report. This may be necessary, for example, because an existing report was carried out before you reached the age of 16, or becaus the report is insufficiently detailed.

In all cases, we can only partially pay the funding of diagnostic assessments for students:

  • who are currently fully enrolled and have contacted the Disability Advisory Service
  • who are not on interruption of study

Students who are in the final year of study will only be assessed if an appointment for a diagnostic assessment is scheduled before the Easter vacation.

How much does the full Diagnostic Assessment cost?

The cost of a full diagnostic assessment is £375. You will be required to pay £95 towards the cost of your diagnostic assessment and the remaining amount is paid by the College.

How do I make payment?

You can pay on-line.

What if I can't afford to pay?

You can apply to the Student Support Fund which may be able to fund your contribution towards the cost of an assessment on your behalf.

What happens if I fail to attend my diagnostic assessment?

Once your assessment appointment has been booked, you will be required to give us 48 hours notice should you wish to cancel. If you fail to attend your assessment and do not give us 48 hours notice, then you will be charged an additional £50 administration charge in order to rebook the assessment. This additional fee can be paid online.