If you think you may have a specific learning difficulty like dyslexia, the first step is to undertake an initial screening with a Disability Advisor. These initial screening appointments last approximately thirty minutes and the advisor will be looking to see if there are any indicators of a specific learning difficulty in your answers.

I think I might be dyslexic - what are the main indicators?

Problems with acquiring:

  1. Reading accuracy/speed.
  2. Spelling accuracy, writing speed and fluency of expression.
  3. Auditory short term/ working memory.
  4. Time awareness.
  5. Directional sense.
  6. Personal organisation.
  7. Speed of processing (facts, thoughts and ideas).

Common strengths

  1. Often highly creative.
  2. Persistent.
  3. See patterns, connections and similarities that others don’t see.
  4. Holistic: they see the big picture, don’t get lost in details, get to the important aspects.
  5. Excellent comprehension of information read or told to them.
  6. Understanding of abstract ideas.
  7. Inclination to think outside the box.

What should I do if I think I may have a specific learning difficulty?

  1. Book a screening appointment with the Disability Advisory Service by email.
  2. At this appointment your Advisor will discuss your difficulties with you. If appropriate, you will be asked to complete some screening questionnaires to identify indicators of a specific learning difficulty. Dyslexia is just one of a group of difficulties that come under the umbrella of ‘specific learning difficulties’. These include: dyslexia, dyspraxia/ DCD, dyscalculia, and AD(H)D as an SpLD. All these specific learning difficulties will be considered at the screening.