The FOE-ELIG is the committee which aims to guide and support teaching staff in implementing technology enhanced teaching tools for an excellent teaching and learning experience. The Committee meets formally on a twice-termly basis, and represents the Faculty of Engineering on the College's e-learning Advisory Panel (ELAP).


Committed to e-learning.
Supporting staff and students.
Recognition of staff-added-value.
Innovation and creativeness.
Advise and inform relevant decision makers.

Terms of Reference

    1. Propose and test the provision of fit-for-purpose e-learning technology for academic teaching and high quality feedback.
    2. Support academic staff who wish to implement technology-based teaching methodologies.
    3. Facilitate dialogue between support staff, academic staff and students to manage e-learning technology expectations.
    4. Facilitate and encourage adoption of evidence-based educational research in the use of e-learning technology in conjunction with sound pedagogy.
    5. Analyse and prioritise faculty wide e-learning objectives via engagement with FTC (Faculty Teaching Committee) and ICT.


Chair: Kristel Fobelets (Electrical Engineering)


Shireen Lock (Principal Learning Technologist)
Alastair Gemmill (Senior Learning Technologist)
Omar Bacarreza Nogales (Aeronautics)
Maria Parkes (Bioengineering)
Andreas Kogelbauer (Chemical Engineering)
Dilshad Badshah (Chemical Engineering)
Ke Han (Civil Engineering)
Anandha Gopalan/Mark Wheelhouse (Computing)
Petar Kormushev ( Design Engineering)
Peter Fitch (Earth Science & Engineering)
Paul Franklyn (Materials)
Nic Cinosi(Mechanical Engineering)


View minutes from previous meetings here