The FOE-ELIG is the committee dedicated to developing an e-learning strategy for the Faculty of Engineering.  The Committee meets formally on a twice-termly basis, and represents the Faculty of Engineering on the College's e-learning Advisory Panel (ELAP).

Terms of Reference

    1. To propose an annual budget for e-learning to the Faculty Teaching Committee (FTC).
    2. To report at each FTC meeting on e-learning matters, both from the Faculty and across College.
    3. To assist FTC to develop and implement strategies to optimize the use of learning technology within the Faculty.
    4. To evaluate learning technologies.
    5. To review e-learning projects and provide management oversight through their development cycle.
    6. To act as a working group on any matter regarding learning technology.
    7. To contribute to the College e-learning strategy by representing the FTC on the College e-Learning Advisory Panel.


Chair: Kristel Fobelets (Electrical Engineering)


Shireen Lock (Principal Learning Technologist)
Kamila Mosqueda (Assistant Learning Technologist)
Omar Bacarreza Nogales (Aeronautics)
Martin Holloway (Bioengineering)
Andreas Kogelbauer (Chemical Engineering)
Ke Han (Civil Engineering)
Anandha Gopalan/Mark Wheelhouse (Computing)
Alex Marsh / Billy Wu ( Design Engineering)
Rebecca Bell (Earth Science & Engineering)
Michael Brookes (Electrical Engineering)
Andrew Horsfield (Materials)
Julie Varley (Mechanical Engineering)


View minutes from previous meetings here