Health and Safety Personnel

Departmental Safety    
Head of Department Jan Cilliers
Chair, Departmental Safety Committee Mark Sephton
Departmental Safety Officers Mark Sephton
Simon Davis
Fieldwork Safety Officer John-Paul Latham
Head of Technical Support Fraser Wigley
Display Screen Equipment Zacharias Ioannis Zachariadis
First Aid, Fieldwork Administration Assistant Robert Lowther
Manual Handling Jason Hoadley
Student Liaison Lorraine Craig
Lasers Mark Sephton
Radiation Simon Davis
Fire Wardens    
Fire Warden Coordinator Simon Davis
Fire Warden, Lower Ground Floor Katharina Kreissig
Fire Warden, Ground Floor Shashi Luther
Fire Warden, First Floor    
Fire Warden, Second Floor    
Fire Warden, Third Floor    
Fire Warden, Fourth Floor    
Fire Warden, BESS 1&2    
Laboratory Managers    
LG08 - Rock Preparation Jan Cilliers
LG09 - General Lab Dominik Weiss
LG16 - Petrophysics Matt Jackson
LG18 - Clean Room Mark Rehkamper
LG19 - General Lab Tina van De Flierdt
LG20 Adrian Muxworthy
LG21 - Large Store Fraser Wigley
LG22 - Geomechanics Sevket Durucan
LG23 - Fuel Cell Lab Nigel Brandon
LG24 - Rio Tinto Lab Jan Cilliers
LG25 - Mass Spectrometer Mark Rehkamper
LG26 - Mass Spec Store Mark Rehkamper
LG27 - Fuel Cell Fabrication Nigel Brandon
LG28 - Microscope Lab Cedric John
LG45A - Rock Prep. Dylan Rood
B109 etc. – Petrophysics & Organic Geochemistry Mark Sephton
B270 – Stable Isotope Lab Cedric John