If you need a little extra help with a software package, numerical or laboratory technique, or really anything related to doing a PhD, have a look below to see if someone in the department already has that knowledge that they are willing to share! If you would like to be added to or removed from the list, let us know!

Contact details for research postgraduates are available.

PhD skills database

Chemistry Michael Parkes
Geochemistry Marion Ferratt
GIS/Image processing Chris Mark, Grace Cairns,
Geophysics Marion Ferratt, Thilo Wrona
Image manipulation / Ray tracing Russell Garwood, Gareth Morris
Macro/micro economics Christoph Mazur
Maths Khalil Rhazaoui
Mechanical Engineering Billy Wu
Palaeontology Russell Garwood, David Legg, Jon Tennant
Petroleum Grace Cairns, Clare Nunes-Harrington Sena
Physics Bilal Rashid, Vladislaw Duboviks
Programming Russell Garwood (C/C++/Qt)
Structural Chris Mark