Mitigating circumstances

Mitigating circumstances

Mitigating circumstances


We hope that your time in ESE is enjoyable and productive and that you are always supported to work to the very best of your abilities.

We realise, however, that unforeseen and unavoidable situations sometimes arise that can negatively affect your ability to study and/or your performance during assessments.

You may be able to make an application for Mitigating Circumstances, if, through no fault of your own

  • you have missed an exam/remote exam submission
  • you need a short extension to a coursework deadline
  • you feel that your academic performance has been significantly affected in a recently completed assessment


Seeking advice and support

You are welcome to talk to Emma Passmore (Senior Tutor), Lizzie Day (Deputy Senior Tutor) and/or your Personal Tutor before making your application. They can be contacted via email or Teams.


Making an application

To make a confidential application for mitigating circumstances:

Fill in a Mitigating Circumstances form online 


Email with appropriate supporting evidence and/or a completed self-certification form

What happens next?

You will receive an automated receipt of your application. Forms are reviewed within 24 hours by one of the Senior Tutors.

Please note that the email inbox is a shared inbox, which is monitored daily by members of the Mitigating Circumstances Board only.

Please rest assured that any information that you supply as part of this process is held in the strictest confidence, and never shared without your permission. No record of either making an application, or the outcome of an application will ever be seen on your student transcript or be visible in any way to an employer.

The Mitigating Circumstances Board meets throughout the academic year to confidentially review applications. We will let you know afterwards by email if your application has been accepted (or rejected) and what the next steps are.

Coursework deadline extensions

Extensions to coursework deadlines

In exceptional circumstances it may be possible to grant a short extension to a coursework deadline.

Please note that module coordinators cannot grant extensions.

Making a request for an extension

Make a request for an extension as soon as you know you need it; very late requests are unlikely to be granted.

To make a confidential application for an extension:

Fill in an Extension Request Form online at what has happened, when, why you need an extension, the length of the extension required, and upload appropriate supporting evidence and/or a completed self-certification form (available under the “Mitigating circumstances” tab). Please note that extensions are normally expected to be the same length as the circumstances, e.g. 48 hours for a 48-hour illness.


Email with any additional appropriate supporting evidence.

  • You will normally hear back within 24/36 hours.
  • Please note that an extension to a deadline counts as your mitigation for that assessment, and that the work submitted will be marked as if submitted on time.
  • Please remember the penalties for late submission of coursework without a deadline extension in place (capped at 40% if of sufficient quality and received within 24 hours, after that, zero).

Please note that in line with College policy we cannot make allowances for:

  • Loss of electronic files, e.g. through theft/crash of a laptop, which is why you MUST back-up your work
  • Tube strikes - these are well-advertised ahead of time, and therefore not "unforeseen"
  • Poor time management
  • Misreading/misunderstanding assessment guidelines/timetables
  • Time zone misunderstandings

Reporting term time absence

Reporting term time absence

Please let us know if you are going to be absent from your studies (including illnesses lasting more than 5 working days) by filling in the Term Time Absence form

Chronic illness

Chronic illness

We support all of our students to enable you to study effectively, but we realise that managing an ongoing physical or mental health condition, and/or a specific learning difference can pose extra challenges for some of our students.

If you are experiencing ongoing, chronic health conditions that are affecting your ability to work, please get in touch with the Disability Advisory Service to see how they can best support you.

If you are experiencing ongoing, chronic health conditions that are affecting your ability to work and believe that the adjustments already put in place for you by the DAS are insufficient, then please do get in contact with them again to see if they can offer additional support.

If you are experiencing ongoing, chronic health conditions that are affecting your ability to work and have been told that there is no further support available to you through the DAS, then you may wish to consider a temporary Interruption of Studies.

Temporary worsening of an existing condition

If you feel that your performance in an exam or coursework has been adversely affected due to a temporary flare of an ongoing condition then you are welcome to make an application for Mitigating Circumstances. Applications must be sent within 10 working days of the date of the affected assessment and supported by either appropriate evidence or a self-certification form (in absence of any new medical evidence, which we appreciate is often difficult to obtain for ongoing conditions).

If you are concerned that your condition means that you would benefit from an extension to a coursework deadline, you are welcome to apply for that instead, but must do so ahead of the deadline. Requests for deadline extensions cannot usually be accommodated at short notice.

In all instances, if you are unsure, please seek advice from the Senior Tutors or Disabilities Officer.