Preface phone numbers by 020 759 (national) or 44 20 759 (international)

Name, Responsibility, Phone, Email

Sephton, Prof Mark, Head of Department, 46542,

Salazar, Daphne, PA to Head of Department, 47401,

Watson, Dr Emma, Department Operations Manager, 46405,

Muggeridge, Prof Ann , Chair of Teaching Committee, 47379,

Goes, Prof Saskia , Director of Postgraduate Studies , 46434,

Sutton, Dr Mark, Director of Undergraduate Studies, 47487,

Passmore, Dr Emma, Senior Tutor, 46429,

Day, Dr Elizabeth, Admissions Tutor; Departmental Disabilities Officer, 46529,

Mason, Dr Philippa, Departmental Careers Officer, 46528,

Sephton, Prof Mark, Safety Officer, 46542,

Hampson, Prof Gary, Director, MSc Petroleum Geoscience, 46475,

Blunt, Prof Martin, Director, MSc Petroleum Engineering, 46500,

Buchanan, Prof Dennis, Director, MSc Metals & Energy Finance, 46440,

Gorman, Dr Gerard, Director, MSc Applied Computational Science & Engineering, 49985,

Jackson, Prof Matt, Director of Research, 46538,

Collier, Prof Jenny, Co-Chair of Board of Examiners, 46443,

Vesovic, Prof Velisa, Co-Chair of Board of Examiners, 47352,

Bastow, Dr Ian, Senior Postgraduate Tutor,

Roberts,  Dr Gareth, Senior Tutor (Postgraduate taught), 49521,

Zachariadis, Zacharias Ioannis, ICT Dep Representative & Computing Manager, 46489,

Murphy, Victoria, Website, 46445, ESE Webmaster

Jenner, Nicky – Communications Officer,