Marwah AlsinanMarwah Alsinan - Petroleum Engineering MSc, Imperial College London 2016- 2017

Before starting my MSc, I worked at Saudi Aramco for three years in low field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) research, Oil Reservoir Management and Gas Reservoir Simulation. I thought of  going to a Master’s degree since I was more interested in conducting studies than overseeing operations and I was planning on returning to research after completing my training rotation. I chose Imperial College London for my degree, since it was an accelerated 1-year programme and I already had an undergraduate degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering from Penn State.

I was living in Saudi Arabia at that time so I had to move to London for the course. I enjoyed working with a smart and focused group of people in the Wytch Farm Field Development project. I think I was in one of the best groups and I learnt a lot from discussions and hearing the perspective of people from different backgrounds and countries.

The part that I was looking forward to the most in this Petroleum Engineering degree was the thesis since I was planning to work on research after graduation. Picking the topic was tricky since I wanted to work with something that has not progressed a lot. I ended up choosing "Non-Darcy Flow in Natural Fractures" with Professor Zimmerman. From working with ProfessorZimmerman, I learned the proper way of critiquing papers, validating observations and avoiding dead-ends which are important skills for researchers.

I am currently working as a Petroleum Engineer in Pore Scale Physics research. We are not directly involved with operations but are working on developing future reservoir engineering technologies that Saudi Aramco does not have yet. I am currently planning on continuing with my thesis topic using micro-CT scans and core flood experiments.

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