The department conducts a highly active research group in fluid flow that benefits from worldclass codes, developed inhouse, and computational facilities. For more information see our computational modelling group's research pages. If you are interested in one of the projects listed below please feel free to contact the associated staff.


Closing the digital rock divide in petrophysics for CO2 storage and hydrocarbon production [Info sheet - Digital Rock Petrophysics]

Sam Krevor

DOC-SWEET - Deep Ocean Circulation during Super-Warm Early Eocene Temperatures [Info sheet - DOCSWEET]
Tina van de Flierdt, Dan Lunt (University of Bristol)

Impact-generated seismic signals on Mars [Info sheet - Impact seismicity]

Gareth Collins, Ian Bastow

Impact Processing of Planetary Crust [‌Info Sheet - Impact Porosity‌]

Gareth Collins and Mark Wieczorek (IPGP)

Multiscale modeling of compaction of primitive solar system materials [Info Sheet - Multiscale]
Gareth Collins, Tom Davison and Phil Bland (Curtin)

Why do impact craters collapse? [Info Sheet - Collapse]
Gareth Collins

Simulating submarine slide tsunami inundation of the Shetland Islands [Info Sheet - Shetland]

Gareth CollinsMatt Piggott, Sue Dawson (Dundee)

Optimisation of sensor locations for observation of air flows/pollutions [Info Sheet - Sensor]

Fangxin Fang, Christopher Pain

Rapid Response Modelling for Assessment of Pollution and Toxic Releases in Complex Urban Environments [Info Sheet - ROMInfo sheet]

Fangxin Fang, Christopher Pain

New generation data assimilation and rapid response models for urban flooding [Info Sheet - Flooding]

Fangxin Fang, Christopher Pain

Modeling landscape evolution through space and time [Landscape_PhD_2016]

Gareth Roberts, Matthew Piggott, Gareth Collins, Alex Whittaker

Structure and dynamics of the ancient core of the North American continent [details]

Saskia Goes, Ian BastowFiona Darbyshire (Université du Québec) and Suzan van der Lee (Northwestern University)

Tunnel fracture sealing by injection grouting – a fluid-solid interaction numerical rock mechanics study [Grout Model Project Outline]

J-P Latham and Jiansheng Xiang 

Modelling the physics to understand blasting in fractured rock masses [Rock Blasting Outline]

J-P Latham and Jiansheng Xiang 

Kink-bands across the scales – a structural geology enigma [Kink-band Project Outline]

J-P Latham and Jiansheng Xiang 

Continental Uplift and Erosion From Drainage Patterns: Predicting Sedimentary Flux to Passive Margins [O_and_G_PhD2017b]

Gareth Roberts and Matt Piggott