Antarctic Ice Sheets under Changing Environmental Conditions [Info Sheet - Antarctic]

Tina van de Flierdt (Imperial College) and international collaborators

A journey from the modern ocean to the past and into the future – how does seawater acquire its chemical fingerprint? [Info Sheet - North Atlantic]

Tina van de Flierdt (Imperial College) and Kate Hendry (U Bristol)

Rapid Response Modelling for Assessment of Pollution and Toxic Releases in Complex Urban Environments [Info Sheet - ROM]

Fangxin Fang, Christopher Pain

Understanding modern biogeochemical cycles in the context of the international GEOTRACES program – Cadmium, zinc, lead and neodymium isotope analyses [Info Sheet - Geotraces]

Mark Rehkämper, Tina van de Flierdt and Susan Little

Novel applications of trace metal stable isotope measurements in medical research [details]

Mark Rehkämper‌ and Martin Wilkins (Dept. of Medicine)

Stable isotope tracing of engineered nanoparticles [Info Sheet - Nano]

Mark Rehkämper

Modeling landscape evolution through space and time [Landscape_PhD_2016]

Gareth Roberts, Matthew Piggott, Gareth Collins, Alex Whittaker

Human and Natural Control on Global Atmospheric Trace Element Cycles [Info Sheet - Trace Element Cycles]

Dominik Weiss  

Geochemistry of Non-Traditional Stable Isotopes [Info Sheet - Stable Isotopes]

Dominik Weiss  

The Aqueous Chemistry of Actinides and Metalloids [Info Sheet - Actinides and Metalloids]

Dominik Weiss  

Micronutrient cycling in submerged soils and uptake into rice [Info Sheet - Micronutrient Cycling]

Dominik Weiss  

Closing the digital rock divide in petrophysics for CO2 storage and hydrocarbon production [Info Sheet - Petrophysics]

Sam Krevor, Ann Muggeridge

Pore Scale X-ray Imaging of the Distribution of Minerals in Permeable Rocks [Info Sheet - Pore Scale X-Ray]

Sam Krevor

Biomagnetic monitoring as an urban air quality assessment: A Citizen-Science Approach [muxworthy-dust]

Adrian Muxworthy and Jelle Hofman (University of Antwerp)