The department, in association with the Natural History Museum, conducts a wide range of research in geochemistry and environmental change. Geochemical research in the department benefits from assess to world-class analytical facilities. If you are interested in one of the projects listed below please feel free to contact the associated staff.


DOC-SWEET - Deep Ocean Circulation during Super-Warm Early Eocene Temperatures [Info sheet - DOCSWEET]
Tina van de Flierdt, Dan Lunt (University of Bristol)

Stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet under Changing Environmental Conditions Info sheet - Antarctic]

Tina van de Flierdt (Imperial College) and international collaborators

Titanite occurrence and chemistry as a monitor of melt redox state, magmatic fertility and hydrothermal alteration in porphyry ore systems [Info sheet - Titanite]

Jamie Wilkinson (NHM)

Magmas, fluids, faults and metals – re-assessing the controls on magmatic-hydrothermal W-Sn-As-Cu-Zn-Pb mineralisation and zonation associated with the Cornubian Batholith, SW England [Info Sheet - Magmas]‌‌‌‌

Robin Shail (University of Exeter), Jamie Wilkinson (NHM, Imperial College London), Clara Wilkinson (NHM), Beth Simons (University of Exeter)

The “colour” of hydrothermal quartz [Info Sheet - Quartz]‌‌‌

Jamie Wilkinson (NHM, Imperial College London)

Analysing the plumes of Europa: Could there be life on Jupiter’s moon? [Info Sheet - Europa]

Mark A. Sephton

Life Detection Methods for future Mars Missions [Info Sheet - Mars]

Mark A. Sephton

Extreme Biosignatures [Info Sheet - Biosignatures]
Mark A. Sephton

Earthquake hazard assessment using cosmogenic isotopes [details]

Dylan Rood, Alex Whittaker and Rebecca Bell

Histories of mantle convection: Constraints from Arabia's landscape [Info sheet - mantle convection]

Gareth Roberts, Alex Whittaker , Dylan Rood

Will climate change make coastal erosion rates faster?: Comparing historic and Holocene cliff retreat rates using cosmogenic isotopes with numerical models [Info Sheet - Coastal Erosion]

Dylan Rood

Human and Natural Control on Global Atmospheric Trace Element Cycles [Info Sheet - Trace Element Cycles]

Dominik Weiss  

Geochemistry of Non-Traditional Stable Isotopes [Info Sheet - Stable Isotopes]

Dominik Weiss  

The Aqueous Chemistry of Actinides and Metalloids [Info Sheet - Actinides and Metalloids]

Dominik Weiss  

Micronutrient cycling in submerged soils and uptake into rice [Info Sheet - Micronutrient Cycling]

Dominik Weiss  

Closing the digital rock divide in petrophysics for CO2 storage and hydrocarbon production [Info sheet - Digital Rock Petrophysics]

Sam Krevor