Monitoring seismicity at volcanoes with geothermal prospects in Ethiopia [Info Sheet - Ethiopia]

Supervisors: Ian BastowDerek Keir (School of Ocean and Earth Science, University of Southampton)

iCASE studentship: Pore-to-core linkages and upscaling for CO2 Storage in carbonates [Info Sheet - Digital Rock CO2 Storage]

Supervisor: Sam Krevor

Global CO2 storage capacity: Modeling limitations of geography and injectivity [

Supervisor: Sam Krevor

High enthalpy geothermal reservoir modelling and optimisation using dynamic mesh optimisation and surface-based modelling [Info Sheet - Geothermal_high_enthalpy_systems‌‌‌‌]

Dr Pablo SalinasProfessor Matthew JacksonProfessor Chris Pain

Simulation of geo-thermal wells with reduced order modelling and data assimilation [Info sheet]

Claire Heaney, Pablo Salinas, Christopher Pain and Matthew Jackson

Dynamic Mesh Optimisation for geological representation of highly heterogeneous reservoirs [Info Sheet - Geological_representation_using_DMO]

Dr Pablo SalinasDr Carl JacquemynProfessor Chris PainProfessor Matthew Jackson

Aquifer thermal energy storage for large-scale heating and cooling in the UK [Info Sheet - Aquifer thermal energy storage]

Supervisor: Professor Matthew Jackson