Our palaeontological research concerns the records of life in Earth rocks. We use a fusion of cutting edge computational and classical field and optical methods to reveal life’s remains that have become entombed in rock. The outcomes of these investigations are detailed reconstructions of past life and its environment.


The Evolution and Biogeographic History of Notosuchian Crocodylomorphs [Info sheet - Notosuchia]

Dr Philip Mannion, Dr Diego Pol (Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio, Trelew, Argentina)

Using evolutionary modelling to investigate Latitudinal Biodiversity Gradient [Info Sheet - LBG Evosim Project]

Dr Mark Sutton, Dr Phillip Mannion

Climatic constraints on the distribution of terrestrial Neogene eutherian mammal diversity [Info Sheet - Neogene mammal diversity‌]

Dr Philip Mannion, Prof Anjali Goswami (Natural History Museum, London)