The department has a very active programme in Petroleum Engineering research and benefits from strong links with industry and conducts significant industry funded research. For more information on petroleum research in the department see our research pages


Determining the Magnetic Signature of Hydrocarbon-rich Environments: A numerical approach [Info Sheet - Hydro‌]
Supervisors: Adrian Muxworthy and Wyn Wililams (University of Edinburgh)

Closing the digital rock divide in petrophysics for CO2 storage Eligible for Departmental and University Scholarships [Info Sheet - Digital Rocks Petrophysics]
Supervisor: Sam Krevor

Global CO2 storage capacity: Modeling limitations of geography and injectivity Eligible for Departmental and University Scholarships [Info Sheet - Global CO2 Storage Capacity
Supervisor: Sam Krevor

Foam flow in porous media at the pore scale [Info Sheet - Foam flow in porous media at the pore scale
Supervisors: Dr Pablo Brito-Parada and Prof. Stephen Neethling

Downhole hydrocyclone design and optimisation [Info Sheet - Downhole hydrocyclone design]
Supervisors: Dr Pablo Brito-Parada 

Dynamic semi-structured meshes for fast numerical simulation of MultiPhase Modelling in Oil and Gas [Info Sheet - Semi Structured Meshes]
EPSRC CASE studentship sponsored by industrial partner BP PLC
Proposed Supervisors: Professor C. C. PainDr P. Salinas, Dr A. I. Obeysekara and Dr A. Nicolle (BP)

Pore-scale Imaging and Analysis of Multiphase Flow in Improved Oil Recovery by X-Ray Tomography [Info Sheet - Multiphase Flow]
Dr. Branko Bijeljic and Martin Blunt 

Pore-scale Modelling and Analysis of Reactive Transportin Carbon Storage and Oil Recovery [Info Sheet - Reactive Transport]
Dr. Branko Bijeljic

Modelling the physics of granular rock compaction for characterisation of flow in reservoirs [Info sheet]

JP LathamJiansheng Xiang and Martin Blunt

Hydrocarbon gases and their biological or non-biological sources - recognising the fingerprint of life [Info sheet‌]

Mark Sephton & Craig P. Smalley

Semi-structured multigrid method for fast numerical simulation of porous media flow [Info sheet‌‌‌‌‌]

Dr. Pablo SalinasProf. Chris PainProf. Matthew Jackson

Locally discontinuous pressure formulation for highly heterogeneous reservoirs [Info sheet‌]

Dr. Pablo SalinasProf. Chris PainProf. Matthew Jackson

Origins of deepwater anoxia in Lower Carboniferous basins of northern England Info sheet

Prof Mark SephtonProf Alastair Fraser

This research is based at Imperial London and the PhD Project is in the NERC Centre for Doctoral training CDT in Oil and Gas

Determining the magnetic signature of hydrocarbon-rich environments: A numerical approach [Info sheet]

Adrian Muxworthy and Prof. Wyn Williams (University of Edinburgh)