The department conducts a wide range of research in this area, often applying exciting new analytical and modelling techniques to traditional problems in Earth Science. If you are interested in one of the projects listed below please feel free to contact the associated staff.


Testing the relationships between structural growth rate and the morphology of submarine channels and reservoir facies [Info Sheet - Structural growth and morphology of submarine channels]

Supervisors: Lidia Lonergan, Alex Whittaker and Mike Mayall

Using Cosmogenic Surface Exposure Dating to Reconstruct Late-Holocene Glacier and Climate Stability to Determine Precedence for Recent Declines in Snowpack and Water Resources in the American Pacific Northwest [Info Sheet - Cosmogenic Surface Exposure

Supervisor: Dylan Rood

Biodiversity and the Evolving Earth: New Data, New Methods, New Insights [Info Sheet - Biodiversity and the Evolving Earth‌]

Supervisors: Gareth Roberts (Email Gareth), Philip Mannion (UCL), Mark Sutton (Imperial), Jan Hackel (Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew)

Releasing the sediment cascade: landscape response to active normal faulting in the Gulf of Corinth, Greece [Info Sheet - Releasing the sediment cascade]
‌Supervisor: ‌Dr Alex Whittaker

Geological and geomorphological characterisation of West Cumbria [Info Sheet - Geology and Geomorphology of West Cumbria]

Supervisors: Dr James LawrenceDr Philippa Mason

Closing Date for Applications: 30th June 2020

Modelling modern carbonates (Bahamas, Great Barrier Reef) using numerical approaches [Info sheet]
Dr Cédric M. John
Understanding surface processes on Venus: in support ofthe EnVision mission [Info sheet

Philippa MasonRichard GhailGareth Roberts

Environmental reconstruction using clumped isotopes: testing the effects and signs of recrystallization in carbonates [Info sheet‌]
Cédric M. John

Exploring terrestrial geological evidence for past glaciation and volcanism in the Thwaites Glacier catchment, Antarctica [Info sheet]

Joanne Johnson (British Antarctic Survey), Dylan Rood (Imperial College London), Brent Goehring (Tulane University), and Stephen Roberts (British Antarctic Survey)

Understanding how serpentinisation affects marine magnetic anomalies [Info Sheet]

Adrian MuxworthyJenny Collier

Validating Earthquake Hazard Models For Critical Engineered Structures Using Geologic Data And Cosmogenic Isotopes [Info sheet‌]

Dylan RoodJP Latham and Peter Stafford

Histories of mantle convection: Constraints from Arabia's landscape [Info Sheet]

Gareth Roberts, Alex Whittaker , Dylan Rood

Modeling landscape evolution through space and time [Info Sheet]

Gareth Roberts, Matthew Piggott, Gareth Collins, Alex Whittaker

Will climate change make coastal erosion rates faster? Comparing historic and Holocene cliff retreat rates using cosmogenic isotopes with numerical models [Info Sheet]

Dylan Rood

Quantifying landscape response to the growth and interaction of reverse faults, Western Transverse Ranges, USA [Info Sheet]

Alex Whittaker, Dylan Rood and Rebecca Bell

Continental Uplift and Erosion From Drainage Patterns: Predicting Sedimentary Flux to Passive Margins  [Info Sheet]

Gareth Roberts and Matt Piggott

Assessing seismic and tsunami hazard offshore Los Angeles [Info sheet‌]

Rebecca Bell, Dylan Rood and Alex Whittaker

Investigating landscape response to active normal faulting: Improving understanding of seismic hazard in the Corinth Rift, Central Greece [Info sheet]

Rebecca Bell and Alex Whittaker