Testing the relationships between structural growth rate and the morphology of submarine channels and reservoir facies [Info Sheet - Structural growth and morphology of submarine channels]

Supervisors: Lidia Lonergan, Alex Whittaker and Mike Mayall

Releasing the sediment cascade: landscape response to active normal faulting in the Gulf of Corinth, Greece [Info Sheet - Releasing the sediment cascade]
Dr Alex Whittaker

** NERC funding is available for applicants before the 9th January 2019**

 Global CO2 storage capacity: Modeling limitations of geography and injectivity [Info Sheet‌]

Sam Krevor

Pore scale release and transport of oil by low salinity water 
An iCASE Studentship with BP at Sunbury – 4 years funding with internship  [Info Sheet‌]

Sam Krevor

Validating Earthquake Hazard Models For Critical Engineered Structures Using Geologic Data And Cosmogenic Isotopes [Info sheet]

Dylan RoodJP Latham and Peter Stafford

Salt welds; subsurface characterisation and importance [details]

Chris JacksonMaria Nikolinakou (UT Austin), Mahdi Heidari (UT Austin), Mike Hudec (UT Austin)

The kinematics and mechanics of salt diapir growth and collapse [‌]

Chris Jackson and Mike Hudec (UT Austin)

Modelling the physics to understand blasting in fractured rock masses [Info Sheet‌]

J-P Latham and Jiansheng Xiang 

Kink-bands across the scales – a structural geology enigma [Info Sheet]

J-P Latham and Jiansheng Xiang 

Assessing seismic and tsunami hazard offshore Los Angeles [Info Sheet]

Rebecca Bell, Dylan Rood and Alex Whittaker

Investigating landscape response to active normal faulting: Improving understanding of seismic hazard in the Corinth Rift, Central Greece [Info Sheet]

Rebecca Bell and Alex Whittaker