PhD studentship in Next-Generation Fracture Modelling [Info Sheet – Fracture Modelling]

Supervisor: Dr Adriana Paluszny, including interaction with Professor Robert Zimmerman
Applications from women and underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged.

Tectonics from topography in Central Greece: decoding the history of fault growth and landscape evolution in the Corinth Rift [Info Sheet - Corinth Rift]

Supervisors: Alex Whittaker and Rebecca Bell

Submarine channels, structural deformation and sediment delivery to the deep ocean [Info Sheet - JDZ]

Supervisors: Lidia Lonergan, Alex Whittaker and Mike Mayall

 Global CO2 storage capacity: Modeling limitations of geography and injectivity [Info Sheet - CO2 Storage Capacity‌]

Sam Krevor

Validating Earthquake Hazard Models For Critical Engineered Structures Using Geologic Data And Cosmogenic Isotopes [Info sheet]

Dylan RoodJP Latham and Peter Stafford