Petroleum Geoscience

The Natural Resources Geoscience and Engineering (NRGE, pronounced “energy”) section is a grouping of staff and PhD students whose research is related to the extraction of energy from the natural world whilst minimising the environmental impact of that extraction. This includes the more traditional fields of petroleum geoscience and engineering as well as focusing increasingly on more renewable technologies such as carbon capture and storage and geothermal energy as we transition towards a zero-pollution future.

Our research covers all length scales from the nano-metre to the tens or hundreds of km and ranges from the fundamental to the very applied, encompassing laboratory investigations, field work and mathematical analyses as computational methods and investigations.

This section also leads the delivery of our MScs in Petroleum Engineering and Petroleum Geoscience.

You can find out more about our research portfolio through the links to our various research groups below.

See our Natural Resources Geoscience & Engineering Seminars.


Details of individual research programmes supported within the section can be accessed from individual web pages using the table below. 

NameResearch Area
Blunt, Prof. M Petroleum Engineering
Bell, Dr R. Research Fellow
Cosgrove, Dr. J Structural Geology
Fraser, Prof A Petroleum Geoscience
Gringarten, Prof. A Petroleum Engineering
Hampson, Dr. G J Sedimentary Geology
Jackson, Dr. C A Seismic Interpretation & Basin Analysis
Jackson, Prof. M D Geological Fluid Mechanics
John, Dr. C D Carbonate Sedimentology
Johnson, Prof. H D Petroleum Geology
King, Prof. P R Petroleum Engineering
Krevor, Dr S. Clean Fossil Fuels
Lonergan, Dr. L Basins and Structures
Muggeridge, Dr. A J Petroleum Engineering
Vesovic, Dr. V Environmental & Petroleum Eng.
Wang, Prof. Y Reservoir Geophysics
Warner, Prof. M R Geophysics
Zimmerman, Dr. R Rock Mechanics