Academic Staff

NameResearch area
 Ian Bastow Geophysics
 Jenny Collier Marine geophysics
 Saskia Goes Geodynamics 
 Sanjeev Gupta Sedimentology
 Lidia Lonergan Basin analysis
 Adrian Muxworthy Rock magnetism
 Gareth Roberts Drainage patterns and uplift histories
 Alex Whittaker Tectonic geomorphology

Post-doctoral Research Fellows

NameReserach area/Project
Arne Døssing FNU fellow - Geocentric Axial Dipole hypothesis - a palaeomagnetic investigation
Susannah Maidment

Imperial JRF - Latitudinal biodiversity gradients in deep time

Post-doctoral Research Associates

NameReserach area/Project
Roberto Agrusta Dynamic modelling of subduction-transition-zone interaction - effect of phase transitions
Trevor Almeida The effect of chemical alteration on the fidelity of palaeomagnetic pseudo-single-domain recorders
Fanny Garel Subduction–transition zone interaction with dynamic models - effect of plate age and rheology
Amy Gilligan Global seismology 
Matthias Van Ginneken Micrometeorites and meteoritic magnetism

PhD students

NameStart dateProject
Rabiu Abubakar Nov 11 A new magnetic mineral based technique for detecting hydrocarbons
Thomas Berndt Aug 13 A palaeomagnetic approach to dating cataclysmic events

Alistair Boyce

Oct 14

The formation of cratonic keels: seismic evidence from North America

Chiara Civiero

Oct 12

Understanding the nature of mantle upwelling beneath East Africa
Sarah Dodd Oct 11 Constraining the timing and duration of Large Igneous Province Volcanism: magnetostratigraphic constraints from the Etendeka traps, Namibia
Thomas Eeken Oct 14 Physical structure of the North American continent

Pedro Galindo

Oct 11

Tectonics and basin formation, offshore Colombia

Mitchell Liddell

Oct 14

Mantle seismic structure of northern Hudson Bay and the development of the Trans Hudson Orogen

Bhavik Lodhia Oct 14 Mantle convection, drainage patterns and sedimentary records: Unraveling the uplift and erosion history of east Africa
Carl McDermott Oct 14 Magmatism and breakup in the South Atlantic
Alex Perrin Oct 13 The mantle wedge: dynamic controls on chemistry
Laura Petrescu Oct 13 The building of Laurentia: evidence from broadband seismology
Jay Shah Oct 13 Understanding the origin of meteoritic magnetism: implications for proto-planetary disk formation
Gaia Stucky de Quay Oct 14 Uplift and erosion histories of ancient buried landscapes
Chandra Tapossea Oct 12 Numerical modelling of the continental break-up in the South Atlantic
Xiaoguang Wang Oct 12 Bulk properties of fracture networks in carbonates for multi-scale flow modelling

Dr Fanny Garel

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Dr Fanny Garel

Dr James Hammond

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Dr James Hammond
Academic Visitor

Mr Bhavik Lodhia

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Mr Bhavik Lodhia
Research Postgraduate