Earth & Planets Research Group Seminars

Unless otherwise stated, seminars take place in the Royal School of Mines Building, Prince Consort Road, on Wednesdays, 1-2 pm.

Spring 2015

Jan 14 G39 Susie Maidment Imperial Blood cells, collagen fibres and haemoglobin preserved in 75 million year old dinosaur specimens
Jan 21 G38 Teh-Ru Alex Song UCL Subducting asthenosphere: A renewed perspective of subduction zone flow field, mantle fabric and the nature of oceanic lithosphere
Jan 28 G38  Adam Laycock Imperial Using stable isotopes to trace engineered nanoparticles
Feb 4 G38 Catherine Annen Bristol Magma fluxes and the growth of magma chambers
Feb 11       No Talk
Feb 18 G38 James Hammond Imperial Constraining melt segregation in the crust and mantle from passive seismology
Feb 25 G39 Amy Gilligan Imperial Crustal structure variation across the western Himalayas and Tibet

Mar 4

G38 Ana Ferreira

Global radially anisotropic mantle structure from multiple datasets

Mar 11 G39 E&P PhD Students Imperial  10-15 min talks for E&P PhD students
Apr 1 G38 Nicky White Cambridge Anyone for cymatogeny? Or how mantle convection affects hydrocarbon exploration


Autumn 2014

Oct 8 G39 Samuel Kounaves
Tufts University Discovery of perchlorate on Mars by Phoenix and confirmation by Curiosity: Recent results and implications for habitability and organics
Oct 15   No talk    
Oct 22  G38  Richard Court Imperial Delivery of volatiles to Earth and Mars during the Late Heavy Bombardment
Oct 29 G39 Paula Koelemeijer ETH Zurich  Seismic imaging of the lowermost mantle and the long wavelength structure of the LL(S)VPs
Nov 5 G39 John MacDonald
Imperial Extending the carbonate clumped isotope thermometer into the subsurface
Nov 12  G39 Janice Kenney Imperial The effect of environmental interfaces on contaminant mobility
Nov 19 G39 Alex Whittaker Imperial Constraining sediment routing system responses to tectonics and climate
Nov 26 G39 David Thornalley

Geochemical evidence for a warm and stagnant glacial deep Arctic Ocean

Dec 3 G39 Anita Di Chiara Sao Paulo Paleosecular Variation of the Magnetic Field recorded in Pleistocene-Holocene volcanics from Pantelleria (Italy) and Azores Archipelago (Portugal): implication for local volcanic history


Autumn 2013

Sept 25 G38 

Rabiu Abubakar

Imperial  Experimental investigation of the formation of magnetic minerals in hydrocarbon environment (PhD 21 month seminar)
Oct 2  

No seminar

Oct 9 G38

 Dr. Robert McKay

VUW, New Zealand

Antarctic in a Warmer World: Insights from the past

Oct 16  G38 

Pedro Galindo 

Imperial Evolution of the Bahia Basin: Evidence for Vertical-Axis Block Rotation and Basin Inversion at the Caribbean Plate Margin, Offshore Colombia (PhD 21 month seminar)
Oct 23 G38 Prof. Mark Sephton  Imperial Future of Mars Exploration: Mars 2020 and Mars Sample Return
Oct 30 G38 

Dr. Mattias van Ginneken

Imperial Micrometeorites from the Transantarctic Mountains 
Nov 6 G38 

Dr. Chiara Petrone


M ixing, mingli ng and enclave crumbling in the post-Minoan dacitic magmas of Santorini volcano, Greece

Nov 13 G38 

 Dr. Jenny Collier & Dr. Saskia Goes

Imperial Volatile recycling in the Lesser Antilles (VOILA) - a new NERC-funded project
Nov 20 G38 

Dr. Arne Dossing

Imperial Plate tectonic evolution of the Arctic Ocean: New data and new views on the origin of the Amerasia Basin, the High Arctic LIP and the Eurasia Basin
Nov 27 G38

Dr. Craig Magee

Imperial Magma rheology variations in sheet intrusions
Dec 4  G38 Dr. Fabio Crameri  ETH Zurich The interaction between subduction-related mantle currents and surface topography


Spring 2014

Jan 15 G38  Dr. Bernie Coakley
University of Fairbanks, Alaska Exploring the Arctic Ocean with submarines and surface vessels
Jan 22  G38       
Jan 29 G38 < strong> Dr. Chris Jackson Imperial Understanding intrasalt structures
Feb 5  G3 8   
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Feb 12  < strong> ;2.42 Clara Ro driguez Imperial Stratigraphy of salt basins with emphasis in the Santos Basin, offshore Brazil
Feb 19  G38  Dr. Trevor Almeida Imperial Visualisation of nano-scale magnetic fields and the implications for reliable interpretation of paleomagnetic data
Feb 26  G41   Dr. Frances Jenner 
Open University 

The Chalcophile (sulfur-loving) cycle: from MORB to Crust’

Mar 5 G38 Dr. Gareth Roberts  Imperial TBA
Mar 12 G38 Field Classes  no seminar  
Mar 19 G38 Field Classes  no seminar  
Mar 26 G38 Field Classes no seminar  
Apr 2 G38  Dr. Torben Stichel Imperial Neodymium in Seawater
Apr 9 G38      
Apr 16 G38      
Apr 23 G38

 Dr. Rhodri Davies

ANU On the relationship between volcanic hotspot locations, the reconstructed eruption sites of large igneous provinces, and deep mantle seismic structure
Apr 30 3.01D       

May 7

May 14 G38  Dr. Tamsin Edwards Bristol Risk assessments f o r the consequences of Antarctic ice sheet instability
May 21 G38 Dr. Jennifer Le Blond  Imperial Podoconiosis, and other medical geology problems
May 28 G38  

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