The NORMS group meet fortnightly on a Wednesday in room 4.81, from 12.45 to 13.45 for either a research talk, paper review or methodology presentations.

Previous meetings and upcoming sessions are detailed below.

NORMS talks 2013~2014

17/04/2013  Peter Fitch  How stratigraphic heterogeneity influences oil recovery in carbonates
  Peyman Mostaghimi  Multiphase flow in porous media using control volume finite element methods 
01/05/2013  James Percival  Discontinuous control volume finite element methods for reservoir simulation 
  Gavin Graham  When corner-point gridding fails ?
15/05/2013 Gary Hampson Why does geology control fluid flow in hydrocarbon reservoirs - and how can we translate it into something useful and tractable for flow simulation? 
  Christopher Pain  Numerical aspects of the CVFEM approach for multiphase flow in porous media 
29/5/2013 Benoît Massart  Influence of small scale heterogeneities on flow - surface-based modelling and flow simulation of generic mini-models of heterolithic sandstones
  Philipp Lang Data models in numerical simulation and CSMP++ object oriented solution for adaptive and unstructured grids in multi threaded applications
12/06/2013 Adriana Paluszny Numerical simulation of fracture and fragmentation
  Matthew Jacksoon Some current challenges in developing the IC next generation reservoir simulator
26/06/2013 Sohaib Hussain The IC Next Generation Multiphase Flow Simulator: Application to the SPE10 Test Case
  Hamza Shaikh Simulation of Multi-Phase Flow in Models of Complex Tidal Heterogeneities
10/07/2013  Peter Fitch Paper club: Ringrose & Corbett (1994), “Controls on two-phase fluid flow in heterogeneous sandstones” 
  Konstantinos Makromallis The impact of discontinuous barriers to vertical flow in carbonate reservoirs
24/07/2013 John-Paul Latham Towards modelling the effects of pressure and in situ stress on fluid flow in naturally fractured reservoir rocks
04/09/2013 Sohaib Hussain The IC Next Generation Multiphase Flow Simulator: Application to the SPE10 Test Case
  Konstantinos Makromallis Impact of stratigraphic heterogeneity on hydrocarbon recovery in carbonate reservoirs: effects of the continuity of cemented sequence boundaries
  Hamza Shaikh Simulation of Multi-Phase Flow in Models of Complex Tidal Heterogeneities
02/10/2013 Pablo Salinas Semi-structured multigrid methods on Voronoi meshes to the resolution of the Darcy-Oberbeck-Boussinesq model and Fluidity: Multiphase flow in porous media
16/10/2013 Ann Muggeridge Experiments vs. simulations: is the simulator always right
30/10/2013 Pablo Salina Geology for Dummies
13/11/2013 Kristian Jensen Topology Optimization of Viscoelastic Microfluidics
27/11/2013 ALL Open discussion and future meeting planning session
22/01/2014 Julien Maes Numerical Study using Inspectional Analysis and Experimental Design: Application to Thermal Reactive Transport
19/02/2014 Dimitrios Overview of the capabilities of IC-FERST
05/03/2014 Peter Fitch & Pablo Salinas Geology & Numerics: Insights into Capillary Pressure
19/03/2014 Olivier Gosselin Modelling and flow simulation of fractured reservoirs
02/04/2014 Jiansheng Xiang Combined Finite-Discrete Element Method (FEMDEM) and coupling Y3D/fluidity for simulating naturally fractured reservoirs
16/04/2014 Richard Ferrier Compact, high-order advection methods
30/04/2014 Philipp Lang Effective and Equivalent Permeability - Review and its computation on unstructured grids for highly heterogeneous reservoirs
14/05/2014 Yacine Debbabi Impact of reservoir heterogeneity on flow
28/05/2014 Carl Jacquemyn Heterogeneity in storm-dominated Arab-D reservoir carbonates
11/06/2014 Kristian Jensen Anisotropic Mesh Adaptation and Topology Optimization
25/06/2014 Richard Ferrier The Darcy IMPES code: (i) testing and (ii) application to flows with chemical reactions and heat transfer
09/07/2014 Matt Jackson & Chris Pain Geology & Numerics: Insights into Relative Permeability
23/07/2014 Prof. Chris White (Tulane University) tbc
03/09/2014 Fangxin Fang tbc