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This code can be used to perform two-phase flow simulations on micro-CT images of porous media. It is  based on  the algorithm published in Raeini et al. (2012) [doi][PDF],  with some modifications for improving the stability of the code for unstructured meshes. It includes the required pre- and post-processing tools, sample input files and a short documentation. For examples of the applications of this code, please see the publications by A.Q. Raeini, B. Bijeljic and M.J. Blunt, for studying pore-scale events such as snap-off and piston-like displacement (2014a) [DOI][PDF],  upscaling two-phase flow properties (2014b) [DOI][PDF] and studying capillary trapping on micro-CT images (2015) [DOI].


A previous version (2011-2012) of the direct two-phase flow solver used for modelling two-phase flow at the pore/micron scale can be downloaded from here. The algorithm implemented in this code is closer to the algorithm published in Raeini et al. (2012) [doi][PDF]. The code should be linked to OpenFOAM; it has been tested to work with OpenFOAM version 1.6-ext, please see OpenFOAM-extend website or its SourceForge repository.

For any enquiry,  please contact Ali Raeini: .