Rio Tinto Centre for Advanced Mineral RecoveryWelcome to the Rio Tinto Centre for Advanced Mineral Recovery, a research hub in which world class scientists are developing innovative technologies to improve mineral extraction and recovery, while minimising environmental impacts.

Earlier this year, Rio Tinto and Imperial after reviewing the success of the Centre, have agreed to renew the Centre for another 5 years.

The work being done at Imperial College is finding new solutions to the mining industry’s challenges, and is shaking up the status quo.

For decades, many mining processes have relied on work that has gone before, with mineral producers making adjustments to existing models to fit their specific requirements.

Katie Cole records flow and formation of bubblesThe Rio Tinto-Imperial College partnership is unpicking the accepted processes, and in many cases going right back to scientific fundamentals. By gaining a thorough understanding of the basic principles, the Centre will have the building blocks to create innovative models that are precisely targeted at Rio Tinto’s specific situation and challenges.

This partnership is an important part of the Rio Tinto technology program built around an integrated intellectual property strategy which brings a competitive advantage for Rio Tinto.

Imperial College has been solving the extractive industries’ conundrums for more than a century, and so the Centre is also able to take advantage of expertise gained from years of related research.

The university is home to some very impressive computational equipment which is – more importantly – operated by some very impressive minds.

Right: Katie Cole records the flow in 2008, Rio Tinto announced a major partnership with Imperial College London, which is helping the Rio Tinto Group realise its vision for the Mine of the Future™ program.