Join in and learn about the wonderful world of mini-beasts

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Activities include:

Pond dipping: participants will learn all about the invertebrates hidden in ponds and look at their finds under a microscope.

Fantastic mini-beasts and where to find them: discover an invisible world full of strange invertebrate animals so small that even fleas and mites look giant by comparison.  Thousands of these invisible animals live in the smallest habitats - use powerful microscopes to hunt some down and take a peek into their world.

Up close and personal with mosquitos: mostly we think of mosquitoes as nuisances or even as carriers of disease.  Let us introduce you to their interesting lives and lesser known behaviours.

Bugs and us: explore the evolutionary tree of life and create your own interactive family tree with OneZoom.

Discover grasshoppers: learn all about grasshoppers - why do they jump? How far can they jump? How many species are there?

Meet prehistoric insects: millions of years ago, long before the dinosaurs, insects and their relatives ruled the Earth.  We will have a selection of fossils for you to look at.

Bug hunts: Ascot Wildlife will be leading bug hunts around campus.

Bugs! Day 2017

Highlights of Bugs! Day 2017