Integrating genomic and ecological data to understand the natural world

EcoinformaticsOur objectives require the integration of theory with complex data, ranging from genomics which describes biological variation at the molecular level, to fluctuations in populations and ecosystem services. We tackle this challenge using new advances in mathematical modelling, biological computing and informatics, including data management, archiving, and visualization. Examples of GCEE ecoinformatics include studying speciation in the Howea palms, displaying the Tree of Life in the OneZoom software, monitoring tropical forests through the RAINFOR program, and the development and curation of databases including the SAFE Project, PREDICTS, Biotraits and Vectorbite.

Example project
 SAFE Project  The Stability of Altered Forest Ecosystems (SAFE) Project is conducting one of the world’s largest ecological experiments to understand the myriad ways in which logging, deforestation and forest fragmentation modify the functioning of tropical rainforest, impair their ability to deliver ecosystem services that people care about, and reduce their capacity to support the diversity of life.Summary of the table's contents
Summary of the table's contents