Summing up the ecological and evolutionary processes that act locally on individuals to understand regional and global patterns

SAFE projectGCEE research expertise crosses three key scales:

  • Evolutionary scales from the rapid coevolution of microbes in weeks through the development of species traits over centuries and organismal structures over geological time frames
  • Ecological scales from the genetics and behaviour of individual organisms through collective dynamics of populations, communities and the emergent properties of entire ecosystems and biomes
  • Spatial scales from microcosms of one cubic centimetre and mesocosms of one cubic metre through to experiments covering thousands of hectares and observations that cross biomes and continents

Example project
PREDICTS   PREDICTS will use a range of meta-analytical methods to quantify species- and community-level responses to a range of human pressures including agriculture, hunting, deforestation, introduction of invasive species and human population expansion.
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