London The ‘Making London Nature-Smart’ initiative works together with Londoners to enhance their city’s green infrastructure, to promote biodiversity, make London more sustainable and increase the wellbeing benefits offered by this incredible city.  

As a global political and financial capital, London is well placed to lead the world in both research and implementation in the biodiversity field, with our initiative leading the way to a more strategic approach to biodiversity research in London.

In the long term we hope that our partnerships and the research and outcomes of the projects we undertake will help promote London as a recognised global centre of research excellence in biodiversity, with a specific and demonstrated expertise in citizen science for environmentally sustainable cities.

Notably, as the research will be focused on cities and framed within the context of infrastructures and technologies which enable or encourage sustainable and healthy behaviours, as well as their environmental and health impacts; research and learnings arising from this project will be scalable and easily replicable in a national and international context.

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