Research Our project will break new ground in combining cutting-edge research on tools and technologies for biodiversity-focussed citizen science with the latest understanding of motivations for participation in volunteering and community activities.

We have identified three interacting interdisciplinary areas of novel research:

  1. Disentangling the relationships between wellbeing and environmental behaviour
  2. Stories that we tell about nature and how they provide meaning and promote relationships
  3. Monitoring biodiversity for research and action using both novel and established tools and technologies.

Some examples might be understanding how to increase connectivity of fragmented landscapes, modelling how biodiversity infrastructure might limit flooding, what types of green infrastructure work best for people and their environment? What is the nature of city biodiversity? Developing new software to interpret the environment for people. Augmented reality apps (vision recognition systems for google glass etc. to identify species, see invisible processes like oxygen and carbon fluxes), and developing urban citizen science projects.