Our research into teaching and learning pedagogy plays a central and active role in supporting our commitment to a world-class educational experience at Imperial. Most of our research interests in this area are inspired by – and prove to be an inspiration for – issues addressed in Educational Development Unit workshops, and are driven by a shared passion for understanding the processes, skills and dynamics that drive effective learning and teaching. In line with Imperial’s Learning and Teaching Strategy, a great emphasis of our research lies in understanding the relevance to and impact of particular pedagogical theories and approaches within STEM subjects, in order to ensure the best outcomes for Imperial students.

As the list below indicates, the pedagogical research interests of CHERS staff span a broad range of areas, but much of our published work to date has explored the process and impact of learning strategies which students are likely to engage with in their professional lives: such as problem and team-based learning and learning from role models. As well as helping to fulfil Imperial’s commitment to preparing students for their future careers, our research provides a valuable source of relevant evidence to draw on in our related workshops and for demonstrating the value and impact of approaches which are active and research based.


Embracing Diversity for Attainment: An Inclusive Approach to a Redesigned Foundation Module in the Social Sciences