Staff Survey 2019

The annual Imperial Staff Survey is an opportunity to tell the Department and the College how we are doing, and identify where we can be better.

Survey Results 2019 

EEE Staff Survey Action Plan 2019

The EDCC reviewed the results of the staff survey and developed the Action Plan to implement over the coming year.

The key areas that the department will focus on following the staff survey:

  • Improving cultures and attitudes
  • Supporting career progression and personal development at all levels
  • Improving our physical working environment
  • Promoting health and wellbeing support
  • Improving our Health and Safety workflows
  • Increasing communication and transparency within the Department

Actions are underway to address these areas and so far include:

  1. The first all staff awayday in December 2019 to increase communication and transparency within the Department and support the improvement of our Department culture
  2. Developing the Department Life website
  3. Re-branding of ‘Academic Staff meeting’ to ‘All staff meeting’ as all staff are invited to attend
  4. Establishing the PTO Forum to encourage sharing ideas and improving communication
  5. Celebrating Great Contributions scheme – providing our community with a way to say ‘thank-you’ to one another