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AB - The paper proposes a decentralized method forfault detection and isolation in heterogeneous multi-agentssystems. The agents are partitioned into independent nodes,providing the control inputs and monitoring the system, anddependent nodes, controlled by local interaction laws and sub-ject to faults. The approach uses a decentralized state estimationalgorithm allowing the independent nodes to estimate both thestate of the dependent nodes and the control input componentscomputed by the other independent nodes, in a completelydecentralized way, without requiring communication amongthe independent nodes. Suitable detection and isolation resid-uals and thresholds are derived. Detectability and isolabilitysufficient conditions are provided. Simulation results show theeffectiveness of the proposed approach.
AU - Boem,F
AU - Sabattini,L
AU - Secchi,C
DO - 10.1109/SYSTOL.2016.7739841
PY - 2016///
TI - Decentralized fault diagnosis for heterogeneous multi-agent systems
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