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AB - This paper provides necessary conditions of optimality for optimal control problems, in whichthe pathwise constraints comprise both ‘pure’ constraints on the state variable and also ‘mixed’constraints on control and state variables. The proofs are along the lines of earlier analysis formixed constraint problems, according to which Clarke’s theory of ‘stratified’ necessary conditions isapplied to a modified optimal control problem resulting from absorbing the mixed constraint into thedynamics; the difference here is that necessary conditions which now take account of the presenceof pure state constraints are applied to the modified problem. Necessary conditions are given for arather general formulation of the problem containing both forms of the constraints, and then theseare specialized to apply to problems having special structure. While combined pure state and mixedcontrol/state problems have been previously treated in the literature, the necessary conditions in thispaper are proved under less restrictive hypotheses and for novel formulations of the constraints.
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