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AB - In a recent paper Angeli and Efimov (2015), the notion of Input-to-State Stability (ISS) has been generalized for systems with decomposable invariant sets and evolving on Riemannian manifolds. In this work, we analyze the cascade interconnection of such ISS systems and we characterize the finest possible decomposition of its invariant set for three different scenarios: 1. the driving system exhibits multistability (convergence to fixed points only); 2. the driving system exhibits multi-almost periodicity (convergence to fixed points as well as periodic and almost-periodic orbits) and the driven system is assumed to be incremental ISS; 3. the driving system exhibits multiperiodicity (convergence to fixed points and periodic orbits) whereas the driven system is ISS in the sense of Angeli and Efimov (2015). Furthermore, we provide marginal results on the backward/forward asymptotic behavior of incremental ISS systems and on the response of a contractive system under asymptotically almost-periodic forcing. Three examples illustrate the potentiality of the proposed framework.
AU - Forni,P
AU - Angeli,D
DO - 10.1016/j.sysconle.2016.10.005
EP - 110
PY - 2016///
SN - 1872-7956
SP - 97
TI - Input-to-state stability for cascade systems with multiple invariant sets
T2 - Systems and Control Letters
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