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AB - Protecting a future HVDC network from shortcircuit DC faults is presently expected to require extensive imple-mentation of fast HVDC circuit breakers, allowing for rapid faultisolation. The requirement for circuit breakers may, however, bereduced or removed depending on the protection methodology,resulting in a slower post-fault recovery. The expected faultresponse and the subsequent network recovery is dependenton the circuit breaker, network, and converter configurations.This paper examines a low speed protection methodology fora symmetrical monopolar HVDC system, a configuration whichrequires pole to pole balancing following a pole to ground fault.The fault clearance and network recovery timings are thereforeevaluated for both pole to pole and pole to ground faults onseveral case study networks.
AU - Chaffey,GP
AU - Green,TC
DO - 10.1049/cp.2017.0009
PY - 2017///
TI - Low speed protection methodology for a symmetrical monopolar HVDC network
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