TerahertzThe Centre for Terahertz Science and Engineering (CTSE), hosted by the Faculty of Engineering, supports a wide range of activities across the extended terahertz (THz) spectrum, from ca. 100 GHz to 100 THz – coving the sub-terahertz (millimetre-wave), terahertz (submillimetre-wave) and ‘over the THz horizon’ (thermal infrared) bands. While the core of the Centre’s activities are within the Departments of Materials (material processing and THz metrology) and Electrical and Electronic Engineering (analytical/numerical modelling, microfabrication processing and millimetre-wave/thermal infrared metrology), there are strong collaborations with the Departments of Bioengineering, Physics and Medicine. Indeed, the inter-Faculty nature of our work highlights the scientific mission of our Centre, which complements our advanced engineering within the Faculty of Engineering.

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