Undergraduate tutors

Undergraduate tutors are here to help if you are struggling with a first or second year module.  The service is free of charge.  You can have a on-off or regular one-to-one tutorial with a student in a higher year.  A tutorial is no more than 60 minutes long.

If you would like to arrange a tutorial, please email one of the students listed below to set up a meeting.  When you email can you include a brief description of what aspect of the module you require tutoring for.

Tutor list

Module Name  
ELEC40003 DECA TianYi Lim tyl318@ic.ac.uk
ELEC40003 DECA Nikolay Miladinov nikolay.miladinov19@imperial.ac.uk
ELEC40003 DECA Chern Heng Tan chern.tan19@imperial.ac.uk
ELEC40004 Programming Aleksander  Limonov al1919@ic.ac.uk
ELEC40004 Programming Joanna  Merrick jem18@ic.ac.uk
ELEC40004 Programming Simon  Staal sts219@ic.ac.uk
ELEC40004 Programming Si Yu Tan syt119@ic.ac.uk
ELEC40009 Topics in EE Abdullah Ehsan abdullah.ehsan18@imperial.ac.uk
ELEC40010/11  Maths Kanav Agarwal kanav.agarwal17@imperial.ac.uk
ELEC40010/11  Maths Wing Fei Lo  wing.lo18@imperial.ac.uk
ELEC40010/11  Maths Elliott Yu ey4417@ic.ac.uk
ELEC4002 ADC Swetha Lakshminarayanan sl10318@ic.ac.uk
ELEC4002 ADC Sheng Yu sy5617@ic.ac.uk
ELEC50001 Circuits and Systems Mohit  Gurnani Rajesh mr1318@ic.ac.uk
ELEC50001 Circuits and Systems Wing Fei  Lo wing.lo18@imperial.ac.uk
ELEC50001 Circuits and Systems Arunansu  Patra arunansu.patra18@imperial.ac.uk
ELEC50002 Comms Ezgi Ozyilkan ezgi.ozyilkan17@imperial.ac.uk
ELEC50007 Electromagnetism Channen Chong channen.chong17@imperial.ac.uk
ELEC50007 Electromagnetism Nima Karshenas nk4718@ic.ac.uk
ELEC50007 Electromagnetism Chen Hao Xia xia.chen-hao18@imperial.ac.uk
ELEC50009 Info processing Wei Loon  Cheng wlc3317@ic.ac.uk
ELEC50009 Info processing Jirui Wu jirui.wu18@imperial.ac.uk
ELEC50010 Instruction Arch Lorenzo  Bernasconi ljb818@ic.ac.uk
ELEC50010 Instruction Arch Filip  Wojcicki filip.wojcicki18@imperial.ac.uk
ELEC50011 Maths Hamza Marrakchi  hamza.marrakchi18@imperial.ac.uk
ELEC50011 Maths Nima Karshenas nk4718@ic.ac.uk
ELEC50012 Power electronics Carlota Calvao Barao Fernandes cc7818@ic.ac.uk
ELEC50012 Power electronics Andreas Hadjileonidas  
ELEC50012 Power electronics Aditya Joshi  
ELEC50013 Signals and Sys Bharat  Chilukuri  
ELEC50013 Signals and Sys Omer  Habiballa  
ELEC50013 Signals and Sys Utku  Koksal  
ELEC50014 Software Sys Wei Loon  Cheng  
ELEC50014 Software Sys Jirui Wu  
ELEC50014 Software Sys Arsal Zaman Syed  
ELEC5006 Discrete Maths Abdullah Ehsan  


Tutor list updated 27 January 2021