Electrical and Electronic Engineering is profoundly shaping the human experience, providing the most powerful set of tools that has yet existed to interact with each other and our environment, on Earth and beyond! We encourage applications from all who want to learn what it takes to create our future."

Dr Eric Kerrigan

Undergraduate Admissions Tutor

Dr Eric Kerrigan

"As Admissions Tutor my job is simple: to find out if you would gain the most from studying in our department. Of course you should have the potential to succeed in a challenging course, as demonstrated by meeting our entry grades, but we’re looking beyond your raw marks for a passion in developing your knowledge and understanding of this, the broadest form of engineering."

In addition to your academic ability, your application will be considered on your wider profile and an interview to assess your potential for success in your degree choice. We will look at your personal statement and reference to understand your personal motivation, commitment to your chosen area of study, and your broader interests.

Applications and interviews


We have one intake a year in October.  Applications are made through UCAS by 15 January, eg for entry in October 2021 you will need to apply by 15 January 2021.  All applications received at UCAS by 15 January are given equal consideration. We do not accept "Late" or "Extra" applicants, and do not take applicants through Clearing.

We are unable to accept direct entrants or transfer students into the second, third or fourth year. 

When your application arrives in the Department it is assessed by the admissions team. We look at your academic record and predicted grades.  We read your personal statement and the academic reference.  The personal statement is a very important part of the selection process as it helps us assess your interest in the subject.  We want to hear why you are interested in the course and details of any skills, interests and attributes that you think you have that demonstrate for aptitude, motivation and interest in the course.

If you look likely to meet our entry requirements, and your personal statement shows a clear motivation for electrical, electronic or information engineering, we will invite you to participate in an interview. You will be interviewed by a member of academic staff on general engineering topics and your dreams for the future.

To minimise COVID-related risks to you, your parents, our staff and our students we will be interviewing all students online via Microsoft Teams. 

Interviews at Imperial

This year we will hold all interviewers online using Microsoft Teams. Interviews will still run from mid November - March.  This year we are holding them on Tuesday and Wednesdays in am/pm slots depending on interviewer availability. 

Our confirmed interview dates for the Autumn Term are:

  • Tuesday 17 November
  • Wednesday 18 November
  • Tuesday 24 November
  • Wednesday 25 November
  • Tuesday 1 December
  • Wednesday 2 December
  • Tuesday 8 December
  • Wednesday 9 December

We will also be holding applicant information sessions each month for those we are interviewing to find out more about the course and meet some of our current students. You will be invited to these once your interview date is confirmed.  We will also hold a couple of separate sessions for parents.

The interview

this is a 30 minute one-to-one interview with one of our lecturers.  We aim for the interview to be more of a conversation than a grilling. The main purpose of the interview is for us to see whether you are suitable for the course, as much as for you to decide if Imperial is the place for you.

What to wear

There is no need to wear a suit.  Wear whatever you feel comfortable in.  Many of the interviewers do not dress in suit and tie and you really don't have to either. 

Interview preparation

  • Be ready to explain why you want to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering or Electronic and Information Engineering
  • Think of examples of team work and how you have used your time effectively
  • Think about why Imperial College and why this course
  • Be prepared to answer questions on your personal statement
  • If you are taking an Extended Project, be ready to talk about it