Dr David Thomas - EIE course director
You’ll gain the technical knowledge and practical skills of computing and electrical engineering, together with a big picture view of how it all connects, preparing you for a career in cutting edge technology in industry or research."

Dr David Thomas

Director of Electronics & Information Engineering degree course

"Electronic and Information Engineering helps you understand the entire stack of modern networked computers, from the design and architecture of the CPU in a smart-phone, to the information theory and wireless protocols connecting it to the internet, and the operating systems and databases providing back-end support in the cloud."

BEng Electronic & Information Engineering HG65 180 3
MEng Electronic & Information Engineering GH56 246/270** 4
MEng Electronic & Information Engineering with a Year Abroad*   246/270** 4
*MEng degrees earn 270 ECTS with the Industrial Placement option, or 246 without

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