Imperial College London regularly considers applicants from many countries holding a wide variety and combination of qualifications.

Around half of our undergraduate intake come to us with A levels, and approximately 15 percent with the International Baccalaureate. During a typical year, Imperial College London considers nearly 100 different qualification types, and we are experienced in dealing with complex combinations of qualifications.

Meeting academic requirements is only one of the factors we take into account when we make our decision on your application. Other factors include suitability for the course, proficiency in English (you will need to pass a College-approved English language test), reference and interview.

Entry requirements

A level

  • A* in Mathematics
  • A in Physics
  • A in third subject

The third subject can be any from the list below, but the preferred subject is Further Mathematics. We prefer Further Mathematics as it provides a better grounding for the material taught in the first year of the course; but it is not essential.

Acceptable third subjects: Applied ICT, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Computing, Design and Technology, Economics, Electronics,  English Literature, Further Mathematics, Geography, History,  Languages (Classical and Modern), Music Technology, Music, Statistics or Technology.

If your school/college does not offer Further Mathematics, you may wish to investigate your local Further Mathematics Network Centre

Applicants are normally expected to gain their A levels at first attempt (that is by end of Year 13).  It is acceptable to re-take individual AS and A2 modules in non-reformed subjects (eg Maths) during years 12 and 13. 

When an AS has been decoupled from the subject (eg Physics) we do not expect the applicant to have taken the supporting AS. 

Advanced Higher

  • A in Mathematics
  • A in Physics
  • A in third subject

Acceptable third subjects are:

Applied Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Economics, Electronics, Geography, History,  Languages (Classical and Modern), Mechatronics, Mechanics of Mathematics, Music, or Technological Studies.

Cambridge Pre-U

Three principal subjects to include

  • D2 in Mathematics
  • Distinction in Physics
  • Distinction in third subject

Acceptable third subjects are: Biology, Chemistry, or Further Mathematics.

We will also consider a combination of Pre-U and A level.  The requirement for A level would be A* for Mathematics, or A for Physics.

International Baccalaureate

Around 15% of our students have taken International Baccalaureate. 

  • 6 in Higher level Mathematics
  • 6 in Higher level Physics
  • 38 overall which can include bonus points

European Baccalaureate

  • 85% in Mathematics
  • 85% in Physics
  • 80 overall

France - Baccalaureate

  • 15 in Mathematics
  • 15 in Physics/Chemistry
  • 15 overall

Germany - Abitur

  • 13 in Mathematics
  • 13 in Physics
  • 1.5 overall

Mathematics and Physics must be taken at the Leistungsfächer level.

Greece - Apolyterion

We require three specialist/concentration subjects to be taken in the Apolyterion

  • 19 in Mathematics
  • 19 in Physics
  • 19 in third subject

and 19 overall in the same subjects in the Pan-Hellenic/Vevaisoi Provasis exam.

India - ISC/CBSE

  • 95% in Mathematics
  • 95% in Physics
  • 90% in a further core subject

An overall average of 90% over five class XII subjects, and good performance in JEE.

Ireland - Leaving Certificate

  • H1 in Mathematics
  • H1 in Physics

H2 in other subjects.

Romania - Baccalaureate

  • 9.6 in Mathematics
  • 9.6 in Physics
  • 9.6 overall


Singapore - SIPCAL and Diplomas

Singapore Integrated Programme

We require 3 subjects at H2 with

  • A in Mathematics
  • A in Physics
  • A in third subject

Acceptable 3rd subjects are Biology, Chemistry, Computing or Economics.

Polytechnic diplomas

Holders of diplomas from Singapore Polytechnic or Nanyang Polytechnic will be considered for 1st year entry if awarded a dipolma in a relevant subject with a GPA  of 3.8+.

UK Foundation Degrees

We only accept students from the following two UK Foundation courses. These are specialised courses for overseas students whose home qualifications are not usually accepted for study at UK universities:

  • UCL UPCSE: the University Preparatory Certificate for Science and Engineering is a high quality foundation programme.  We require 80%+ in Maths and Physics.
  • Warwick HEFP: The Higher Education Foundation Programme has a Science and Engineering specialisation.  We require Distinction in Maths, Physics and a further subject.

USA - Advanced Placement

We require three subjects passed at grade 5

  • 5 in Calculus BC
  • 5 in Physics C: E&M or Physics C: Mechanics
  • 5 in third subject. 

The third subject can be the other Physics C subject, or any other subject EXCEPT for Calculus AB, Physics 1, or Physics 2.

Other qualifications

We also accept qualifications from many other countries.  In all cases Mathematics and Physics are compulsory subjects. If your qualification offers a higher or specialist level in Mathematics and Physics we will require this.