Upcoming events

In 2022 there are two planned symposia that will cover a wide area of topics within the remit of EBS and will provide a platform for world-class collaborative research programmes between researchers at Imperial College London and leading international institutions. The symposia are planned as ¾ day events and will be hosted at the newly found Molecular Science Research Hub (MSRH). The maximum on-site places will be limited to 50, and additional online streaming tickets will be issued using Eventbrite. The symposia are planned as hybrid events, and international speakers who cannot travel to the UK due to restrictions will be broadcasted live online.

Bio and Nanosensors Symposium (May 2022)

Bio and nanosensors are some of the fastest expanding research fields, with their growth further fuelled by the current pandemic. The symposium will focus on novel sensing strategies for sensing using biological and solid-state nanosensors. 
[Speaker list to be announced early 2022]

Biomimetic Materials Symposium (April 2022)

Biomimetics is an interdisciplinary field that combines principles from engineering, chemistry, biology and physics to generate new materials, synthetic systems or devices with functions that mimic biological processes. 
[Speaker list to be announced early 2022]

Past events

The first seminar from the Network: Nanomaterials for Advanced Healthcare Applications.
December 4th 2020.