White Paper: Net-zero GB electricity: cost-optimal generation and storage mix

This White PaperThis White Paper explores cost-efficient portfolios of generation and storage technologies that could achieve a net-zero carbon emissions electricity system for Great Britain. The report identifies the scale of investment needed in various technologies and examines how system configuration and investment changes in light of variations in the cost of available technologies and the availability of flexibility. The findings presented were reached via a Whole-electricity System Investment Model (WeSIM) that balances long-term investment decisions against short-term operation decisions, across electricity generation, transmission, and distribution.

Authors: Dr Marko Aunedi, Dr Kathryn Wills, Prof. Tim Green, Prof. Goran Strbac

Click here to download this White PaperThe datasets behind all of the charts in this White Paper are available for download here.

How do we prepare the UK for a zero-carbon future?

Smart grid graphicMembers of the IDLES team have produced a brochure through the educational company Futurum, aimed at 15-19 year olds, describing whole energy system analysis. It features input from each of the six project areas, includes insights on career pathways, an activity sheet and a case study from Dr Iain Staffell on 'What Drove Britain's Decarbonisation?'.

Click here to download the brochure