The Urban Energy Systems project resulted in many publications, a selection of which are listed here.

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Urban Energy SystemsUrban Energy Systems: An Integrated Approach
Earthscan, 11 February 2013
Edited by James Keirstead and Nilay Shah
Paperback ISBN: 978-0-415-52902-0
Hardback ISBN: 978-0-415-52901-3

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Book contributions

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Student theses and projects


2010, Salvador Acha, Impacts of Embedded Technologies on Optimal Operation of Energy Service Networks


  • 2010, Patricia Sidat, Improving Out Turn Energy Performance of Buildings
  • 2010, Eduardo Abreu, Peak Demand Reduction from the Grid in Urban Energy Systems with Renewable DG Penetration: an analysis of Brazilian systems
  • 2010, Gauthier Harant, Optimisation of District Heating Design for CHP Implementation
  • 2010, Jane Glynn, Modelling the Imperial College CHP system
  • 2010, Mabel Fulford, Developing a low-carbon transition plan for the Peanut District, Toronto
  • 2010, Claire Encely, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles Agent-Base d Mo delling
  • 2010, Lucas Chancel, Urban energy transition in the developing world: The case of Nakuru, Kenya
  • 2010, Markos Asimakopoulos, Modelling and Optimisation of Vehicle-to-Grid Technolog y for the UK
  • 2009, Matthieu Maudelonde, The resilience of London's electricity network
  • 2009, Guillaume Eudier, Environment impacts of logistics
  • 2009, Liana Vella, Ecological benefits of compact urban settlements
  • 2008, Elizabeth Cooper, The analysis and design of urban energy systems
  • 2007, Nicole Papaioannou, Developing urban energy indicators for Singapore


  • 2009, Agnes Law, The feasibility of introducing electric cars into a UK eco-town


  • 2009, Michael Konstantinidis, Waste to energy systems
  • 2009, Francois DeMartial, Exergy analysis of London and sensitivity analysis of an urban layout model
  • 2009, Wilhelm Dahl, Exergy and district heating analysis of Malmo
  • 2008, Aviral Shukla, Agent-based modelling of urban transport

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