The Integrated Development of Low-Carbon Energy Systems (IDLES) is a multi-disciplinary programme of analytical work that spans critical areas of whole energy system analysis to support strategic planning.

The project aims to tackle the issue of the evidence that is used by governments and businesses to formulate their strategies around the long-term evolution of energy systems.

Currently optimisation models for the increasingly complex interactions between electricity, gas, heat and transport systems do not exist. There is therefore a need for detailed analysis and modelling to provide the evidence and guidance need.


Energy futures Lab is planning to address these shortcomings by developing an analysis tool that can:

  • Indicate optimal forms of future energy systems;
  • Provide policy advice on how the development of the energy system should progress;
  • Give insights into the use of the technologies that will support its operation.


IDLES will tackle six key challenges:

  1. High temporal and spatial resolution for multi-carrier and cross-sectorial energy system modelling;
  2. Characterisation of new technologies for whole-system modelling;
  3. Data-driven modelling and decentralised control;
  4. Resilience and risk management of smart whole-energy systems;
  5. Incremental versus strategic development of future energy systems;
  6. Market design: alignment of investors’, customers’ and society objectives.


The programme is led by Professor Tim GreenProfessor Nilay Shah and Professor Goran Strbac.

They are supported by a consortium of world leading experts across several departments at Imperial College London:

Industrial partners

The programme is being supported by a range industrial partners in all related sectors to ensure that the industrial needs are embedded in the research programme.

These include:


For more information on the IDLES programme please contact Dr Nic Hylton or Dr Francesca Pietra.