Energy Futures Lab

Energy Futures Lab supports multi-disciplinary research to develop a sustainable energy supply. This is done through many different intiatives including helping secure funding for our academic and industrial partners. Energy Futures Lab has been involved in numerous successful projects, with results that include new technologies, spin-out companies and the creation of large industrial collaborations and organisations.

These include:

  • EDF Flexifund
    A collaboration between Imperial College London and EDF Energy to enable short-term exploratory projects in areas of common interest to both.
  • EDF Energy SparkFund
    A collaboration between Energy Futures Lab and EDF Energy to enable short-term exploratory projects in areas of common interest to both.
  • H2FC Supergen
    An open forum for all with an interest in the development, application and end use of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.
  • Renewable Traction Project
    A project to investigate the feasibility of using track-side solar panels to provide power to the train network.
  • Solar Fuels Network
    A programme to promote and support the UK-wide solar fuels research community to develop ways of using sunlight to make fuels from abundant resources such as water and carbon dioxide.
  • Solar+ Initiative
    A prototype facility at Imperial's White City Campus that will provide the facilities and eco-system for academics to work together, and with industrial partners, so that solar power can become the transformative 21st Century energy source.
  • Sustainable Gas Institute
    A unique academic-industry partnership providing thought leadership and driving research into the technology that could underpin a sustainable role for natural gas in the global energy landscape.
  • Urban Energy Systems
    A collaboration between BP and a number of departments at Imperial College London to develop a systematic, integrated approach to the design and operation of urban energy systems.