Sustainable Gas Institute

Launched in May 2014 the Sustainable Gas Institute is a unique academic-industry partnership, and a ground-breaking collaboration between the United Kingdom and Brazil. Their role is to lead research and define innovative technologies that enable natural gas to play a key role in a low carbon world.

The institute is the result of £8.2M of funding secured by Energy Futures Lab from BG Group (now part of Royal Dutch Shell) to setup a world class research centre in collaboration with Imperial College London. The Sustainable Gas Institute is independent from Energy Futures Lab but is headed by former Energy Futures Lab Director Professor Nigel Brandon.

The institute is a multidisciplinary organisation operating on a ‘hub and spoke’ model, with their international research hub at Imperial College London and spokes in development at leading research universities around the world with a particular focus on Brazil. They manage, lead and deliver world class research with global partners across the spectrum of science, engineering, economics and business.

The institute regularly produces evidence-based globally impactful policy papers, which bring clarity to contentious topics in the energy sector. Their first white paper, published in September 2015, was on the topic of Methane & CO2 emissions from the natural gas supply chain. In May 2016, the SGI published a second white paper, entitled, Can technology help to unlock ‘unburnable carbon’?