Ned Ekins Daukes

The Solar+ prototype facility at White City Campus will provide the facilities and eco-system for academics to  and work together and with industrial partners so that solar power can become the transformative 21st Century energy source. Imperial already has over 120 world-class academics within its Solar research network working on solar power conversion technology. Solar+ will provide them and their partners with laboratories, hack spaces and technology incubators to help deliver them deliver their vision.

The intiative is being coordinated by Energy Futures Lab, a cross departmental institute at Imperial College, with Dr Ned Ekins-Daukes as the lead academic.

White City campus: A research & translation hub

Imperial College London is currently transforming 25 acres of the former BBC site at White City in central London into a significant new research and translation campus with extensive laboratory, teaching and R&D spaces, envisaging a total investment of £1bn.

Innovation at the White City campus

Basic academic research requires facilities and industrial engagement to evolve into practical deployment through modelling, simulation and prototyping.

The campus at White City delivers this with laboratories, roof-top areas and hack-spaces that provide both open and closed development environments; all set within a far broader crossdisciplinary academic base including civil, systems, mechanical and electrical engineering and on-site industrial co-location.

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This very significant investment is being carefully planned to maximise Imperial’s research and development priorities and builds on our existing successful industrial collaborations.

We are currently seeking further research and funding partners, from short-term project collaboration through to long-term engagement, to work together to optimise industry’s use of solar and related energy technologies.

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