Group's work featured in the press

9 July 2020
Our work on developing p-type oxide buffer layers for semi-transparent perovskite solar cells is featured by Imperial, PV magazine and other news outlets.

Materials for the Energy Transition webinar

15 June 2020
We are part of the series of roadmaps on the future of renewable energy research in the UK to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. These roadmaps are summarised and presented at a webinar co-organised by the Insitute of Physics and the Sir Henry Royce Institute. Robert delivers the summary of the photovoltaics roadmap. View the webinar here.

Online seminar at University of Twente

10 June 2020
Robert gives an invited seminar on the processing of next-generation top-cells for tandem photovoltaics at the IMS Colloquium at the University of Twente. Many thanks to Prof. Monica Morales-Masis (leader of the M3 Optoelectronic Materials group) for the invitation.

Robert joins Editorial board of IOP Nanotechnology

21 May 2020
Robert is invited to join the Editorial board of Nanotechnology, which is published by the Institute of Physics. He is looking forward to adding to the energy dimension of the journal.

Online seminar at TCU

28 April 2020
Robert delivers a seminar on the development of metal-halide perovskites for optoelectronics to a class at Texas Christian University. Thanks to Prof. Jeff Coffer for the kind invite.

Virtual perovskites@Imperial symposium

26 March 2020
Robert and Dr. Jarvist Frost co-organise a virtual symposium bringing together the community at Imperial working on metal-halide perovskites. This is part of the Centre for Processable Electronics.

Seminar at York

28 February 2020
Robert visits York for the day to deliver a seminar in the Department of Physics at the University of York on bismuth oxyiodide solar absorbers. Many thanks to Dr. Christina Wang - also an RAEng Research Fellow - for the invite!

Robert takes up his new faculty position at Imperial

2 January 2020
The group now officially starts a new chapter in the Department of Materials at Imperial!


Invited talk at the Fall MRS

5 December 2019
Robert gives an invited talk on the group's work on AP-CVD growth of oxide buffer layers on perovskite solar cells in snowy Boston. Many thanks to former colleagues and mentors Prof. Kevin Musselman and Dr. David Muñoz-Rojas for the invite!

Robert awarded Sir Henry Royce Medal

24 October 2019
Robert was awarded the medal by the Institution of Engineering and Technology for the demonstration of excellence at an early career stage. The awarded is sponsored by the Sir Henry Royce Memorial Foundation.

Three PhD students join

1 October 2019
Welcome to Yiru, Jason and Yi-Teng who have joined the group to start their PhDs! Find our more about them in the team page.

Tahmida awarded a scholarship!

16 September 2019
Many congratulations to Tahmida Huq for being awarded a scholarship from the Aziz foundation! This substantial award will help to support her research into bismuth-based solar cells. Find out more about Tahmida on the team page.

Lana successfully defends her PhD thesis!

9 August 2019
Many congratulations to Dr. Lana Lee for successfully defending her doctoral thesis! We wish her all the best for her new career at Johnson Matthey working on battery materials.

Tahmida wins Margaret B Day Prize!

6 August 2019
Congratulations to Tahmida for winning the Margaret B Day Prize from the British Federation of Women Graduates for her work on next generation layered solar absorbers.

More news

More news



Welcome to Yanhao and Mengyao!

15 July 2019
Mengyao and Yanhao will be working with us for two months over the summer. Find out more about them on our team page.

Bright Ideas in London

21 June 2019
Robert was invited as a guest judge for the UK finals of The Bright Ideas Challenge 2019, sponsored by Shell.

Two invited talks at LMU-Munich

19 June 2019
Robert delivered a SolTech seminar at the Nano-Institute Munich (Physics; Chair for Photonics and Optoelectronics), as well as in Prof. Dr. Thomas Bein's group (Chemistry). Thanks very much to Dr. Lakshmi Polavarapu and Dr. Andreas Jakowetz for organising!

Robert gives invited talk at the Spring E-MRS

27 May 2019
Robert delivered an invited talk in Symposium O at the Spring European MRS conference on the group's work on the growth of AP-CVD oxides over perovskite photovoltaics for improved performance.

Robert included in the IOM3 '15 under 30'

18 May 2019
Robert is included in the '15 under 30' by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3), as part of their 150th anniversary special issue of the Materials World magazine.

Paper on blue perovskite LEDs published in ACS Energy Letters!

17 April 2019

Our work on identifying the limiting factors in blue perovskite nanoplatelet LEDs and how these could be overcome is now published online. An excellent collaboration between Cambridge and LMU-Munich. Read more here.

Welcome to Katharina!

15 April 2019

Katharina is visting us from Konstanz (Germany) and will be working on BiOI solar absorbers. More on the teams page.

Ice cream and chocolate at the Cambridge Science Festival

16 & 23 March 2019
Robert delivered a talk on the Science of Ice Cream to a sold out crowd at the Cambridge Science Festival. He worked with Dr. Enrique Galindo-Nava and his team of Materials Scientists to demonstrate the use of liquid nitrogen to make ice cream, with a special tasting for all afterwards. Special thanks to Trinity College for sponsoring the event!

Robert also demonstrated how chocolate can be used for 3D printing. A packed Saturday crowd had a lot of fun making and using the 3D printers!

Group awarded grant from the Isaac Newton Trust!

20 March 2019
A grant has been awarded by the Isaac Newton Trust for facilities access.

Robert named in the Forbes 30 under 30

12 February 2019
Robert is included in the European Forbes 30 under 30 list in the Science & Healthcare category, in recognition of the potential impact of his work on the electronics industry.

Our work on display in the Museum

5 February 2019
Our BiOI solar cells on display in the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum (Dresden) as part of the Museum's exhibition "Shine on Me. The Sun and Us".

Robert elected a member of IOM3

4 February 2019

Robert has been elected a Professional Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

Welcome to Laura Spies!

21 January 2019

Laura is visiting our group for 3 months from LMU-Munich.

Robert delivers seminar at Imperial

21 January 2019

Robert gives a talk on the discovery of bismuth-based perovskite-inspired materials as part of the London Centre for Nanotechnology seminar series.


Group awarded grant from CAM-IES!

17 December 2018

A grant has been awarded by the CAM-IES to access the ambient processing cluster tool in the Cambridge spoke of the Sir Henry Royce Institute

Symposium at the Materials Research Meeting in Japan approved

7 December 2018

Robert is co-organising a symposium on functional oxides at the Materials Research Meeting, which will be a joint effort between the European and Japanese Materials Research Societies. Find out more here.

Robert gives invited talk at the annual CDT-PV showcase

8 November 2018
Robert gives a talk on the discovery of bismuth-based photovoltaic materials at the annual showcase of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in New and Sustainable Photovoltaics, held at Anfield, Liverpool.

Robert gives talk at opening of Cambridge Royce

17 October 2018

Robert delivers a talk on the possibilities enabled by the new facilities part of the Cambridge spoke of the Sir Henry Royce Institute at its official opening.

STEM Materials Engineering resource launched

16 October 2018

Robert worked with the Education team in the Royal Academy of Engineering to develop a resource box on materials for sustainability. This will be distributed to the Academy's network of schools across the UK to help inspire kids to pursue a career in Engineering, especially Materials Engineering. Find out more about the resource here.

Kaiwen joins!

1 October 2018

Kaiwen is a PhD student with the CDT in Graphene Technology. He is co-supervised with Dr. Laura Torrente (Chemical Engineering) and Dr. Sam Stranks (Physics). Find out more about him on the team page.

Robert gives an invited talk at the IUMRS-ICEM2018 in Daejeon, Korea

20 August 2018

Robert delivers a talk at the IUMRS conference on his work on discovering perovskite-inspired materials. Special thanks to Prof. Byungha Shin at KAIST for hosting!

Robert gives an invited talk at Fudan University

9 August 2018

Robert was invited by Prof. Yiqiang Zhan, Director of the Micro-Nano Systems Center, to give a talk on his work on tandem solar cells and perovksite-inspired photovoltaic mateirials at Fudan University in Shanghai, China.

Robert awarded Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship

4 July 2018

Robert has been awarded a Research Fellowship from the Royal Academy of Engineering, which will start on November 1st and enable him to set up an independent group in the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy.

Robert awarded Young Engineer of the Year Prize

27 June 2018

Robert has been awarded the Young Engineer of the Year prize by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Worshipful Company of Engineers

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