Panopto is a flexible and easy-to-use video recording and hosting platform that allows Imperial College staff to record audio, video, lectures, presentations and capture multiple sources such as a screen, webcam and visualiser. It can be used to record lectures and other learning materials, edit video, add quizzes to video, embed on Blackboard and for student video assessments.

Sharing videos via Blackboard (using Panopto)

Video files should not be uploaded directly to Blackboard as this can affect the viewers experience in areas of slow or poor internet. The best practice is to use Panopto as it is a video streaming server. To do this you should upload your video file to the relevant Panopto module folder and then copy and insert the sharing link URL into your relevant Blackboard content area. Alternatively, you can share the URL of the module folder which would allow students to see all videos in that folder and could save you time. This way your students will get a faster viewing experience.

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A lecturer at the front of a classroom teaching using a projector

Panopto in the lecture theatre

The Faculty of Engineering uses Celcat/Panopto integration for automatic scheduling of recordings based on the data in the Celcat timetabling system. Find out more about:

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Panopto from your personal device

You can pre-record Panopto from your desktop, laptop or web browser. See the guidance below:

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Tips and tricks

Panopto has a simple editing tool to crop, trim and combine recordings. You can also add quizzes into videos to check student understanding, add Panopto videos in Blackboard and set up video assignment submissions using Panopto.

Department contacts

DepartmentContactEmail address
Aeronautics  Omar R Bacarreza Nogales
Bioengineering Julie Hoang
Chemical Engineering Andreas Kogelbauer
Civil Engineering Fionnuala Ni Dhonnabhain
Computing Anandha Gopalan
Earth Science and Engineering Robert Lowther
Electrical Engineering Thomas Clarke
Materials Paul Franklyn
Mechanical Engineering Julie Varley
Dyson School of Design Engineering Freddie Page
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